A series of Information Technology related sessions for school children and teachers organized by the CompSoc, University of Colombo School of Computing, were conducted on  the  16th and 17th of October 2015. The series covered four schools in Anuradhapura District, targeted and identified by analyzing and recognizing the inadequacy of the resources. Anuradhapura Central College, Viharapalugama Vidya Raja Vidyalaya, Viharapalugama Bulankulama Vidyalaya and Paniyankadawala Gamini Maha Vidyalaya were the selected schools where the sessions were conducted. Also in parallel, a teacher training program was conducted at the Zonal Education Office. Sessions were conducted for both O/L and A/L students. The content covered at the sessions in brief was; HTML, CSS, Solving logical expressions, Programming in python, Computers and software, Evolution  of computer and technology, An introduction to internet, Modern technology related to science, Computer games, Better use of internet, Using technologies like Google search, Language Input tools and Google Maps. Since most of the students were underprivileged students who did not get the chance to get in touch with Information Technology, this was a turning point for them to start over in enhancing their technological skills. UCSC undergraduates were zealously aiding the students in their problems and encouraging them to focus more on the subject. Especially for the teachers, the teacher training program was a highly beneficial opportunity to try out new ways to teach and also to learn. There are many ways that can make teaching and the learning process much easier and effective with the use of Online collaboration tools, Presentation software, Course management tools, Lecture capture tools, Forums, etc… There was enough latitude for the teachers to clarify every ICT related problem they had, to express their ideas and also to share knowledge. All the students and the teachers fervently participated in the sessions and co-operated admirably with the CompSoc members in order to make the whole series of sessions a success. Their enthusiasm and the determination to learn and enhance ICT skills were clearly uncovered throughout the series and the same fact brought forward the social responsibilities that we have as university students for the betterment of our community. Therefore, as CompSoc, we will persistently continue benefiting the community for the advancement of the society.  
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