Computer Science Society of the University of Colombo alias “CompSoc”, is run by the students of the university with the involvement and the guidance of the staff. It was established to provide mainly computer science related services to the university and its students.

However, at present CompSoc is also involved in social activities like conducting workshops to enhance the computer literacy of school students and teachers. Apart from this, it also carries lectures in the fields of science and mathematics to school children.

Another great community service provided by the CompSoc is the live radio program carried out each week. The program, termed as “Internet Sampath Bhavithaya” is broadcasted every week on Wednesdays from 9am – 10am and is conducted in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. This program is intended for the general public and discusses many aspects of computing needed by a general user.

CompSoc do believe that it is its responsibility to the society to impart knowledge to the general public for the betterment of the society.

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