The official website of “CompSoc”, Computer Science Society of University of Colombo has come up to you with a new and attractive interface and with so many objectives. The most important objective is to give you a technical knowledge on Computer Science and Information & Communication Technology. The article on Ubuntu Linux which is a Free & Open Source Operating System, has come up to you as an effort to achieve the most important goal. As a beginning, I wish to introduce briefly what Ubuntu Linux is….  
Ubuntu Linux is another operating system like Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh etc… And the special fact on Ubuntu Linux is that it is a Free and Open Source operating system. It means, you can get both operating system and its source code free. Basically Ubuntu is designed for desktop computers but it is not limited for them. There is an operating system called Ubuntu Notebook that is specified for Notebook computers and Ubuntu Server is the operating system specified for servers. They are two members of the Ubuntu family. Actually now, several operating systems are added to Ubuntu family. The Kubuntu operating system that consists of a very attractive environment and the Edubuntu operating system that is designed for educational purposes are another two members.
Ubuntu operating system is a derivative of the linux operating system called “Debian”. So we can see that the deb file type which is the executable file type of debian is also used in Ubuntu as the executable file type. And the package management tools like “APT” and “Synaptic” are also used in both Debian and Ubuntu. You may face to various problems on them when using Ubuntu. This article will be helpful to you to solve them and to work with Ubuntu. This is a brief preface to Ubuntu Linux. The next article will come up to you soon with the steps for how to install Ubuntu Linux on your own computer. You must have a Ubuntu Linux CD to do the installation process. There are two ways described below to procure an Ubuntu Linux CD. 1. Downloading a CD Image of Ubuntu Linux. The official Ubuntu website gives you the facility to download a image of Ubuntu CD without any charges. After burning that image to a CD, you can use that CD to install Ubuntu Linux to your own computer. (Click here to download Ubuntu) 2. Ordering a Ubuntu Linux CD. (Now not available) Ubuntu gives you the facility to order a CD. You would recieve the ordered CD by you within three or four weeks. These all services are free of charge. You don’t want to pay money for the CD. The next article will come up to you with the installation process of Ubuntu. Get ready to install Ubuntu to your computer. First of all, procure a Ubuntu Linux CD. Let’s Install Ubuntu Linux with the next article…. {flike}

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